Strategic Consultancy for Organisations seeking to Create a Culture of Workplace Wellbeing

Drive business performance, increase engagement and retain your key talent.


“86% of employees are not engaged at work”



"96% of seniors leaders have experienced burnout"

Harvard Medical School


"64% of businesses do not have a formal workplace wellbeing strategy"


Don’t let your business be part of these statistics

Option 1

Workplace Wellbeing Strategic Assessment

“Employers significantly overestimate the effectiveness of their efforts to support employees” (IBM Institute for Business Value).

Are you convinced that your workplace wellbeing strategy (if you have any) is world-class?

Are you absolutely certain that you are getting the return on investment that you want from your wellbeing interventions?

Do you feel that your wellbeing plan covers every aspect of the new normal?

  • Discover whether your workplace wellbeing culture meets international standards.
  • Assess your wellbeing interventions and find out whether they are optimised for your employee population.
  • Get the strategic direction you need to formulate a workplace wellbeing strategy that will drive business performance.

Option 2

"Best Workplace for Wellbeing" Accreditation

“Companies with strong workplace wellbeing cultures outperform their competition” (Harvard Business Review).

Are you looking for ways to retain your high performers and attract key talent?

Do you want to distinguish your brand, increase engagement and create employee pride?

Would you like a competitive advantage that will support your business growth?

  • Develop a world-class workplace wellbeing strategy that will have a significant and measurable contribution to your bottom line.
  • Increase your employees’ resilience and form an environment where they can function to the best of their abilities and take the pride in their roles.
  • Create a unique and memorable work experience for your employees and get international recognition for your effort.

Michel Brousset – Managing Director, L’Oréal

César combines real business experience and subject matter expertise with a no non-sense approach to workplace wellbeing. The teams and individuals that have engaged with him highlight that his approach is not a cookie-cutter recipe but bespoke, realistic and practical.

César has become the most requested workplace wellbeing consultant and executive coach in the company.

René Gallardo – Managing Director, Motorola

César has single-handedly created behavioural change in my organisation, which has led to improvement in the quality of work and performance of members of my team. Work-life balance has improved, employee morale is higher than ever, absenteeism and presenteeism have decreased, and the positive business results we are experiencing since we have been engaging with César are clearly the ultimate proof.

Deirdre O’Kennedy – Health & Safety Advisor, Aer Lingus

César was invited by our senior management and other members of our staff to help us increase our capacity for professional wellbeing. Based on evidenced-based research, he made a compelling case for the need to invest in developing the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our employees in order to increase productivity, safety and performance.