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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Ayurvedic yoga massage is a unique form of yoga-based body-work developed in India. During the conception of this technique, two major components were recognised: the remedial benefits of certain yoga stretches and the healing elements of traditional Ayurvedic massage. This led to the development of a rehabilitation technique coined Ayurvedic yoga massage which combines elements of Ayurvedic massage, assisted yoga stretches and deep, coordinated breath-work.Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

In Ayurvedic yoga massage, the body is considered to be a reflection or storehouse of the subconscious. Often tensions or problems in the body have their origin in unresolved emotional issues or emotional seeds. Therapist and client work together fully to awaken the entire body, until each unfulfilled area is sensitized and cleansed by the power of the breath / stretch / massage combination.

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Technique

In keeping with the tradition of Ayurveda, nut or seed-based oils and medicinal powders are utilized for their healing properties. The herbal powder used in the massage is made from the root of the Calamus plant, known for its detoxifying properties that purify the blood and organs. It is anti septic, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating, helping to bring out the deep seated toxins from lymph and muscles. This, combined with a deep boost to the circulatory systems, rapidly speeds up the detoxification process and makes Ayurvedic Yoga Massage the perfect complement to any cleanse, detox or fast.

Also, Ayurvedic yoga massage incorporates the use of the hands and feet as tools for massage. The utilisation of the feet allows for deeper and more thorough pressure through long and graceful strokes.

Overall, this technique will help dissolve physical and emotional blocks, eliminate toxins from the body, promote correct posture, improve respiratory patterns, balance the doshas and leave the recipient with a deep sense of well-being.


With all of this powerful bodywork taking place, there is a further element that provides cohesion, amplifies the benefits and further sets this practice in a unique field of its own; that is the practice of deep yoga breathing. The development of this bodywork technique recognized that, ultimately, yoga derives its manifold benefits from the movement of prana – the life-force energy of the breath – through the energy channels of the body.Ayurvedic Yoga Massage - Breathing

In regular exercise the oxygen of the breath is immediately combusted. In the breath-work of Ayurvedic yoga massage, however, with the body passive and resting, a powerful redistribution of oxygen and pranic energy takes place. The effect is similar to the charging up of a battery; internal energy reserves are replenished, allowing for greater quality in sleep / rest as well as improved vitality levels and concentration.

This is why breath, relaxation and alignment are so important in yoga practice. Taking this as the foundation stone of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, the recipient’s breath provides the rhythm and tempo for the entire treatment. Throughout the treatment, the therapist coaches the recipient to maintain a steady, even deep rhythmic flow, preferably in and out through the nose, although a powerful exhalation through the mouth can assist release into some of the deeper stretches.


Stretches are executed on the exhalation when deeper release is available, and the repetition of each stretch three to five times, or more, allows a progressively deeper movement from the muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels right down to the skeletal system. Stress trapped in the muscles and tendons is safely Ayurvedic Yoga Massage - Strechesreleased; stiff joints are relieved and the entire system is profoundly re-oxygenated at the deepest level. Oxygen itself is a powerful detoxifying agent, neutralizing acidic toxins and wastes.

This passive yoga stretching increases joint mobility and ligament flexibility and is thus an excellent tool for motor rehabilitation. In addition, ancient techniques involving the application of pressure with the feet at certain points in the treatment provides a very deep relaxation to the muscles and gives a strong stimulus to the blood circulation, thus delaying the aging process.

The yoga massage practitioner can achieve more flexibility and range in the stretches when the body is completely relaxed and passive; in this way the therapist administering the treatment becomes the ‘prop’, aiding correct and deep release into the stretches.

The Benefits

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage has the capacity to work on this holistic level, where body, breath and mind are considered one; the distinctions between each are blurred as the work moves to an energetic level. Relaxed and yet energized at the same time; a perfect antidote to the stresses of modern living that can leave us with chronic tension, depleted vitality and mental ‘fuzz’.Happy Couple

The release of trapped stress and tension is tangible – natural energy flow is restored and the body feels calm, light and aligned. The recipient emerges calm, focused and with a real connection to the body. 

One session can alleviate months of accumulated toxins and tension but obviously consecutive sessions realize this goal more fully, but even one session can provide a profound emotional release. Especially in times of unusual circumstance, of loss or grief, any physical or touch therapy can be of especial benefit.

Many recipients schedule a regular treatment as a form of physical maintenance, a way of maintaining balance and health in a stressful world, the elusive holy grail of urban living.

The Therapist

During the many years that I have engaged with massage therapy, I have been under the care of many therapists around the world.  Given that these treatments Lily Fraserinvolve a great deal of energy work at subtler levels of awareness, the “connection” that you establish with your therapist can greatly enhance the experience, allowing for the aforementioned benefits to run deeper and remain in your body/mind system for longer periods of time.

Such is the case of my therapist and dear friend Lily Fraser, whose subject matter expertise and loving approach to massage is truly inspiring.  I was first introduced to Ayurvedic Yoga massage by Lily and I was completely blown away – every session with her has proven transformational at every level of my being – body, mind and soul.

If you are planning to be in London a few days, make sure you go through the experience of an Ayurvedic Yoga massage with her.  Things will never be the same….

You can access Lily’s website by clicking here. 

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