Live Workshops and Online Experiences on How To Achieve Your Ideal Performance State

Increase your resilience and upgrade your performance

Live Workshops and Online Experiences on How To Achieve Your Ideal Performance State

Increase your resilience and upgrade your performance

Live Workshops and Online Experiences on How To Achieve Your Ideal Performance State

Increase your resilience and upgrade your performance

Building Resilience in High-Performance Teams

How to sustain high performance in the face of pressure and change.

Do you or your team feel exhausted at the end of the day?

Are you searching for ways to keep driving results without undermining your physical and mental wellbeing in the process?

Do you feel that sometimes you are operating on the verge of burnout?

  • Discover strategies to strengthen your resilience and prevent burnout.
  • Build your resilient abilities, self-care practices and skills.
  • Learn the resilience habits of high-performing individuals.

“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails.” – Harvard Business Review

Dealing Effectively with Stress and Anxiety

How to cultivate a relaxed and sharp mind to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

Are you experiencing more stress that you can handle?

Are your stress levels affecting your performance?

Are you already experiencing the physical and mental symptoms of stress?

  • Learn how to prevent triggering the stress response at source.
  • Know how to effectively handle stressful situations as they happen.
  • Obtain practical tools and techniques to diffuse stressful situations.

“A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well”.

Custodia CabanasSenior Scholar and Chair of the Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Department at IE Business School

The courses that César teaches our graduate students at IE Business School are inspiring and transformative. He always gives the best of himself in every educational experience. César’s collaborative and authentic personable approach with students and faculty is extremely professional and endearing.

Mark FullerDirector, Academy for Chief Executives & Vistage Chair

César presents some complex concepts in an accessible way and gives micro-challenges to achieve in a short window of time. He adeptly provides practical tools for team members to use to build resilience for themselves and their businesses.

Leadership in the New Normal

How to manage high-performing teams in a hybrid (remote & on site) business world.

Do you feel the need to adapt your leadership style to the new hybrid working model?

Are you learning the hard way that managing a hybrid team requires a new set of skills?

Are you experiencing challenges in establishing meaningful connections with your team members?

  • Learn the core principles of the modern hybrid leadership model.
  • Discover the systems and processes that enable effective collaboration and essential trust-building.
  • Understand the benefits and misconceptions of remote working.

“We are being forced into the world’s largest work-from-home experiment and it hasn’t been easy.” – Gartner

Creating a Culture of Wellbeing in Your Workplace

How to drive business results by creating a thriving environment for your people.

Have you already invested in employee wellbeing but would like better results?

Do you feel that you have a wellbeing plan but not a proper formal strategy?

Are you looking for ways to retain and attract key talent to keep your competitive advantage?

  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the 7 dimensions that influence employee wellbeing.
  • Get a workplace wellbeing score for your company and compare it against a global standard.
  • Learn how to craft and effectively implement a world-class workplace wellbeing strategy.

“When someone enjoys workplace wellbeing, the number of alternatives they’d consider is practically zero.” – Gallup

Aldo Arciniega – Managing Director, CISCO

Through his live workshops and webinar sessions, César is able to transmit with great clarity and pragmatism what we need to learn to improve our wellbeing and performance. It has been a year since we have engaged with César, and the positive transformation we have experienced is there for everyone to see.

Francisca Burtenshaw – Director of Human Resources, PRA Health Sciences

The feedback from our Directors was very impressive, and they are still commenting on the impact that their session has on their lives professional and personally.

Dealing Effectively with Change

How to proactively support and guide people to embrace sustained change

Are you encountering resistance and disengagement to the change you need to implement?

Is your plan experiencing setbacks due to the uncertainty and anxiety about new changes?

Are you looking for a change strategy and skills that can take your ideas to action quicker?

  • Reinforce effective communication and change management skills to get everyone onboard faster.
  • Discover strategies to remove the discomfort whilst reinforcing and rewarding change.
  • Learn how to deal with resistance to change and change saturation.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

Mindfulness for Executives

How to develop a sharp and intuitive mind to spur creativity and innovation

Are your demands and responsibilities making it hard to find equilibrium?

Is it challenging for you to stay grounded to face new challenges with clarity and resilience?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to focus and be in the present moment?

  • Improve your ability to make high quality judgements and decisions.
  • Discover how to pull back from the intense pressure to reflect and discover fresh solutions.
  • Learn an easy-to-implement daily practice and discover healthy habits to achieve a mindful state of awareness.

“You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs

Vicky Hassioti – Sales Enablement Director,SAP

The feedback on the workshops Cesar delivered to our organization has always been tremendous. Cesar brings great energy and insights on topics that are instrumental on cultivating the right leadership behaviors; the sessions were pragmatic and practical and they were conducted in an empathetic and inspiring way.

Mary Callaghan – Deputy Lord Mayor, Dublin City Council

César is a wonderfully kind person with the ability to touch the hearts of those he teaches in an authentic way! He has helped us in our initial stages of learning in ways that still resonate with us every day. Thank you César!!