Time-In is one of the 7 daily essential mental activities that we need to expose our mind to in order to optimise our brain and perform at our very best.

The overwhelming and relentless pace of today’s business, makes it very difficult to find the right equilibrium. As responsibilities and demands increase, the key to success is to stay grounded and to face new challenges with clarity and resilience. This is why it is crucial to give our minds “Time-In”.

“Time-in” is much more than relaxation – it’s the time we devote to developing our capacity for being more mindful. Many leaders struggle to find the space and time to think and reflect, so it is key to devote time everyday to bring our attention inwards in order to enhance our ability to be present with experience.

In addition to being a wakeful postive physiological state, “Time-in” has many benefits: physiological, cognitive (e.g. attention, flexible perspective), emotional (e.g. self-control, stress management), and social (e.g. compassion and empathy).

Time-in activities include, and are not limited to, the daily practice of meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques, Tai-chi and also many “everyday activities” that can result in responses similar to relaxation such as a walk in nature or listening to music.

Giving your mind the “Time-In” experience will furnish you with the clarity to help you determine what is important to you and provide you with a deeper understanding of the world around you.