Client Stories

Michel Brousset – Country Managing Director, L’Oréal

César’s first engagement with L’Oréal UK & Ireland was via a very inspirational keynote speech to our top 100 managers in the company. It was electrifying and the starting point for us of a new journey towards a healthier, more balanced and more mindful organisation.

The feedback was terrific, and we had several requests for him to lead mindfulness workshops at the divisional level as well as becoming the most requested personal coach in our company.

César combines real business experience, with a no non-sense approach to wellbeing, managing stress and mindfulness. The teams and individuals that have engaged with him highlight that his approach is not a cookie-cutter recipe but individualised, realistic and practical.

I would strongly recommend César to individuals or organisations that are looking to start in the journey toward wellbeing.

René Gallardo – General Manager, Motorola

I have had the opportunity to witness the impact of César’s work in my organisation and quite frankly, saying that I am impressed would be an understatement. César has clearly shown that he has the capacity not just to clearly inform and raise awareness, but to transform.

César has single-handedly created behavioural change in my organisation, which has led to improvement in the quality of work and performance of members of my team. Work-life balance has improved, employee morale is higher than ever, absenteeism and presenteeism have decreased, and the positive business results we are experiencing since we have been engaging with César are clearly the ultimate proof.

We will continue to work with César to ensure that the company becomes an ever better place to work.

Dr. Sarah Morris – Oxford, England

César was my instructor in Oxford many years ago. I was immediately struck by his tremendous warmth, energy and generous spirit. His courses are truly transformative experiences and provided me with much-needed wisdom to learn and grow. César has a unique gift and the spirit to serve.

Hugues PietriniExecutive Vice President International Distribution, LVMH Wines & Spirits

There are some encounters in life that can change you deeply. I have had the chance to meet César and engage in a coaching experience with a strong focus on meditation. César has made a huge impact on me both professionally and personally. Everyone should meditate and apply his teachings. Thank you, César!

Deirdre O’Kennedy – Health & Safety Advisor, Aer Lingus

César was invited to deliver sessions to our senior management and other members of our staff on how to increase our capacity for professional wellbeing. Based on evidenced-based research, he made a compelling case for the need to invest in developing the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our employees in order to increase productivity, safety and performance.

The feedback from these sessions clearly shows that César is a passionate and engaging speaker, who has the ability to inspire his audience to take clear and decisive steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling professional life. He has been invited by senior management to return and continue fostering the human skills of our employees to keep making our company a great place to work.

Carole McMurray – Edinburgh, Scotland

César is a gifted and gentle teacher whose work and caring manner has enriched my life greatly. Without ego or pretence, and with ease and grace, he taught me how to bring beautiful and ancient practices into my everyday life, and taught me that I could truly transform my life. He taught me, without judgment, that opening up your heart and soul to the practices he teaches is opening up your life to allow the potential for unbounded joy, bliss and happiness.

César is kind and patient, his heart full of love, and he sets the highest of intentions for himself and his students, always seeking the very best for each and every one, and encouraging them to truly embrace their practice, and he does this from a place of love, compassion and utter sincerity. I would unreservedly recommend that you embark on this life-changing journey with César.

Marisa Bourtin – Paris, France

I have taken César’s courses on many occasions, and I am always impressed by his comprehensive knowledge and his deep understanding of personal development, evidenced-based preventive healthcare and overall wellbeing. He is clear, engaging, thoughtful and very much appreciated his professionalism and warmth.

Peter Platel – Antwerp, Belgium

I had the privilege of being taught, helped and guided by César and his beautiful amazing energy, which made the process a complete blessing. I received a gift that will be with me for the rest of my life. Now 4 years later the impact of his guidance is still growing. I am happier then I have ever been.

Mary Callaghan – Dublin, Ireland

César is a wonderfully kind person with the ability to touch the hearts of those he teaches in an authentic way! He has helped me particularly in my initial stages of learning in ways that still resonate with me every day. Thank you César!!

Francisca Burtenshaw – Director of Human Resources, PRA Health Sciences

The feedback from our Directors was very impressive, and they are still commenting on the impact that their session has on their lives professional and personally.

Marianne Pagmar – Stockholm, Sweden

César’s courses are impeccably structured and organised, and show a great attention to detail. He has devised an efficient way of getting the message of wellbeing across to people from multiple cultural and social backgrounds.

César’s style is open, clear, personal, engaging and very practical. He is very effective in conveying the key elements of ancient wisdom traditions and provides the right tools to embark on the path to happiness and self-discovery. It makes me profoundly glad that César is putting his talents to the service of people who want to live life with meaning, purpose and happiness.

Noriko Tsutagawa – Nigata, Japan

I participated in a Teacher’s Training Course in 2009 in Oxford, England, in which César was one of the evaluating instructors representing the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing. I was a little nervous because everything was in English, and there were so many tests!! César was very supportive and helped us a lot. I felt relief when I talked to César in the middle of intense situations. His way of teaching is very easy to understand, and he can bring good energy to the classes. If you are looking for good wellbeing teacher, César is the one.

Aldo Arciniega – Lima, Perú

Just before taking César’s courses, I was going through a period of deep and sustained stress in my life. I was on the verge of a complete melt down. I had developed insomnia, high blood pressure, and become very irritable – minor things would catapult me to full anger mode. In addition to all this, I was in physical pain and my relationships were suffering from my mood swings. This situation was affecting my job and my family dynamics.

It has been a year since I took César’s courses and my life has undergone a serious transformation. I am no longer taking any medication for my insomnia and blood pressure, my neck and back pains are completely gone with no sign of recurrence and my mood is gentler. I don’t take situations so personal any more and I have become a more conscious of how I communicate with people.

My worked has benefited tremendously from this change and my family has welcomed this change with open arms I give full credit of this complete physical and emotional makeover to César and the teachings that he shares in this portal.

He was able to articulate Eastern wisdom in a way that was practical and coherent to me. Through his courses and the video-conference sessions, Cesar was able to transmit with great clarity and pragmatism just what I needed to learn to improve my overall wellbeing. For this, I will be forever grateful to him.

Chelsea Amor Lotz – Cape Town, South Africa

César is patient, and kind with his instruction. His passion for higher consciousness and wellbeing is not only obvious, it reflects in his instruction. I would highly recommend César to anyone, that they may receive the full benefit that his instruction has to offer.

Adrián Cillo – Buenos Aires, Argentina

César is a special teacher, someone who is capable conveying wisdom in a clear and practical manner. He’s got an ability to synthesise concepts and make you grasp the essentials and also demonstrates coherence between how he lives his life and what he teaches. That was important to me.

Susan Solvang – Milwaukee, USA

César is a wonderfully kind person with the ability to touch the hearts of those he teaches in an authentic way! He has helped me particularly in my initial stages of learning to meditate in ways that still resonate with me when I sit down each morning. Thank you, César!!

Julia Anastasiou – Wigan, England

Having a daily practice allows me to recharge my batteries, to feel divinely connected and fulfilled physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually… I feel that I am part of the bigger picture of life – César guidance has awakened my higher purpose in life.

César is a wonderfully compassionate teacher; he is patient and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of this technique. He is a shining example – it is quite apparent that he ‘walks the walk’. I can whole heartedly recommend César as a teacher.