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Dealing Successfully with Change

The purpose of this programme:

Increasing competitiveness, shifts in markets, rapid pace of technology, internal restructuring or innovation, are a few of the factors that drive change in organisations. Some people crave for change at work and yet they are uncomfortable and terrified when it occurs. The whole experience can simply be to overwhelming for some.

Change is inevitable and necessary for businesses to survive and thrive, so learning how to deal with change has proven to be a required skill in leaders today. Being held accountable for managing change and making things better at work is the new normal.

People that are comfortable with change are stimulated to come up with new and innovative ideas to propel the business to higher levels of growth. Those who remain uneasy with change, including valuable talent, are often marginalised and eventually left behind.

This programme is designed to equip people with the necessary tools not only to be open to and accept change, but to wholeheartedly embrace change. Participants will develop a positive attitude and identify change as a necessary process for healthy business growth and an opportunity for personal and professional development.

This course will help learners to:

  • Enhance mental & emotional resilience to cope with a changing environment.
  • Neutralise the fears and limiting beliefs associated with change.
  • Identify ways to see change as opportunity instead of uncertainty.
  • Transform habitual patterns of behaviour to facilitate change in the business.
  • Develop inner resources to create a positive attitude and support change.
Smart Strategies to Deal with Change - Corporate Programmes -

Facilitated by:

César Gamio Chopra Center Master Educator

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Course Format

  • 1-hour keynote
  • 1-hour group workshop
  • 1/2 day group workshop

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