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Sharpen your Focus and Intelligence Through Mindfulness

Sharpen your Focus and Intelligence Through Mindfulness - Corporate Programmes -


Óscar Dávila - Testimonials -“Thank you Cesar for sharing your vast experience with me. Thanks to your course, I have become a better manager and my people have noticed this. Can you come to our company to train us even more?”

Óscar Dávila – Madrid, España

Nani Diaz - Testimonials -“Brilliant César, thanks for shedding new light on such an important topic such as mindfulness in relation to focus. What you covered in this course makes a lot of sense to me and I have been feeling great ever since I have carried out the practices you have so clearly explained. Thank you Cesar!!”

Nani Díaz – Los Angeles, USA

Carole McMurray - Testimonials -“Thank you César for helping e become a better leader. I have past on your course to my colleagues so that they can benefit from it as much as I have.”

Carole McMurray – Edinburgh, Scotland

What you will learn from this course:

A primary task of leadership is to direct attention toward what matters. If you aspire to be a strong leader, you must learn to focus your own attention by filtering distractions and cultivate inner and outer awareness effectively.

Today’s multitasking culture has created an environment in which people are more prone to make mistakes, more likely to miss important information and cues, less likely to retain information in working memory, hampering their ability to solve problems and meet targets.

In order to effectively manage, innovate, devise and execute strategies, it is imperative for leaders to develop and enhance their capacity to focus and concentrate. There is simply no way around this.

Fortunately, science has now concluded that the brain can learn to ignore distractions and make you more focused, aware, creative, and productive. In this programme, you will learn the scientific way to train your brain to sustain attention.

This course will help learners to:

  • Gain a full understanding of the mechanics of focus and the science of training your mind.
  • Learn practical tools and tips to sharpening your focus and improve productivity.
  • Develop the capacity for cognitive control to increase your ability to concentrate.
  • Discover a daily practice that will greatly enhance your ability to sustain attention.
  • Learn practical tips to minimise and filter sensory and emotional distractions.
  • Learn concrete strategies to effectively direct attention to lead with excellence and wisdom.

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