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Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety Practicing a Simple Meditation

Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety Practicing a Simple Meditation -


“What a fantastic course! I have been trying different meditation techniques for months and I couldn’t find one to suit me. Cesar has done a fantastic job in explaining in great detail what you need to do & know to make the most of your meditation practice, and it certainly has worked for me! I feel that my mind is much settled and I’m better able to pay attention to what matters most.”

Jason Gibson

“Wow Cesar – I wish I had taken this course last year when I was in the market for an effective, simple and practical way to deal with my stress issues. My family, friends and co-workers have noticed that I don’t trigger the stress reaction as much as I used to. My relationships have truly benefited from the practice that you have taught me. I can’t thank you enough”

Christian Berger

“I feel calmer, more balanced, more at peace after just a week of putting into practice the meditation technique that Cesar shared in this course. It was fairly easy for me to get going given the crystal clear instructions and now I have practice that I can call my own – thank you Cesar!”

Paula Nalbarte

What you will learn from this course:

This course will dramatically reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.

The lectures contained in this course will show you in a very graphical and easy-to-learn way, how to practice one of the most powerful and effective meditation techniques that will give you the mental and physical relief that you are seeking.

I constantly update the content of this course and I always answer all of your questions in the most comprehensive way. I congratulate you on your commitment to improving your physical and mental wellbeing and it will be my honour to serve you on your road to personal transformation.

This course will help learners to:

  • Learn how to significantly reduce your stress levels
  • Discover a simple meditation techniques that works
  • Get mental clarity and emotional calmness
  • Learn a practical step-by-step guide on exactly how to meditate

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César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -