Drive Performance and Innovation by Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety

Why is Psychological Safety Essential for your Business


High performing cultures have one attribute in common: their teams enjoy a high degree of psychological safety. When people on a team work in a psychologically safe environment, they feel free to suggest ideas, raise concerns, admit mistakes and ask for help.

Psychologically safe team members feel safe and secure to challenge ways of working and the ideas of others, including the ideas of those in authority, without the fear of being embarrassed, humiliated or punished.

Benefits for your Business

High Employee Retention

Job loyalty increases when employees are treated with respect whilst feeling safe and valued. Unsurprisingly, many studies report that team members that feel psychologically safe in the workplace are less likely to leave.

Improves Hybrid/Remote Experience

Protecting employees who don’t work in the company’s premises or during regular business hours needs to be taken into account. Through the creation of safer and stronger policies and the development of processes, effective adaptation to the modern-day work is key to success.

Promotes an Inclusive Workplace Culture

When all team members feel included, everyone feels connected and part of a united front, creating an environment that fosters creativity and efficiency. Diversity is the cornerstone to unlocking employee potential, contributing to problem solving.

Legal Compliance

To protect employees and have risk assessments in place to safeguard employee wellbeing is a legal requirement for employers. Creating a psychologically safe environment will help to ensure that this requirement is met.

Encourages Innovation and Creative Thinking

Creative expression requires a certain degree of vulnerability. When ideas are put forward, there is potential exposure to criticism and the subsequent fear of embarrassment . Feeling safe to share ideas is essential for successful innovation which can result in quicker time-to-market and improved services and products.

Increased Revenue and Profitability

Faster innovation, effective problem solving, higher quality, lower employee churn and overall improved performance will play a significant role in sustained growth and higher margins. Several studies report that psychologically safe organisations outperform their competition and enjoy a higher degree of financial performance.

Psychological Safety Training and Certification Options


We offer a range of options to suit your needs of creating a culture of psychological safety. Whether you simply want to create awareness or seek international accreditation, we can help you.

Option 1: Psychological Safety Assessment

Studies report that most leaders underestimate the level of psychological safety in their business. Besides, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. This assessment will give you a data-driven understanding of the degree of psychological safety felt by your team members.

The report will include recommendations and best practices that will help you improve psychological safety in optimised ways.

Target Audience: Senior Leaders, Board Members.

Option 2: Training for Leaders

Creating awareness and educating leaders is the first natural step in creating a psychologically safe environment. Through either highly interactive virtual or in-person workshops, leaders will get a very clear picture of how they can maximise their team’s performance to create the desired results.

Target Audience: Managers, Senior Leaders, Board Members.

Option 3: Training for Teams

Educating team members about psychological safety is essential to create safety in the group. Through a series of experiences and exercises, team members will get a closer look at to what it feels to work in a psychologically safe environment.

Target Audience: Teams of any size and hierarchy.

Option 4: Psychological Certification for your Business (ISO 45003)

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) published in June 2021 a set of guidelines for managing psychosocial risk in the workplace: ISO 45003.

This standard was created to protect employees from psychological hazard and to provide them with support for their mental health and overall wellbeing . ISO 45003 certification will therefore help enhance organisational resilience, improve productivity and promote staff retention.

We can support your business in achieving ISO 45003.

Target Audience: Company-wide Initiative.