César Gamio - CesarGamio.com

Workplace Wellbeing Unleashes Potential and Delivers Results

César Gamio - CesarGamio.com

Workplace Wellbeing Unleashes Potential and Delivers Results

César Gamio - CesarGamio.com

Workplace Wellbeing Unleashes Potential and Delivers Results

Improve Wellbeing – Increase Engagement – Drive Performance

Do you want your business to meet international
standards of workplace wellbeing?


Do you want your employees to achieve
their ideal performance state?


Do you want to remembered as a leader who helped
their people flourish in their roles?

Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy - CesarGamio.com

Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy


  • Design and execute a world-class workplace wellbeing strategy that will bring the best out of your people and drive business performance.
  • Create a unique and memorable work experience at your company to help you retain and attract key talent.
  • Generate employee pride and increase engagement by getting your business recognised as a Best Workplace for Wellbeing.
Executive Life Coaching - CesarGamio.com

Executive Life Coaching


  • Unlock your untapped potential and increase your performance in all aspects of your business and personal life.
  • Create new sustainable habits and positive beliefs that will increase your happiness, creativity and productivity as a professional.
  • Achieve your development goals with expanded awareness and empower yourself to reach higher levels of attainment.
Speaking Engagements and Online Experiences - CesarGamio.com

Workshops, Keynotes and Online Experiences


  • Develop even greater levels of physical, mental and emotional resilience to help you cope with the demands of your role and responsibilities.
  • Achieve your ideal performance state by learning the latest science on sleep, nutrition, movement, stress management, relationship management and mindfulness.
  • Discover how to access a clean reservoir of abundant natural energy to increase productivity in all aspects of your business and personal life.


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Client Stories

Michel BroussetManaging Director, L’Oréal

César combines real business experience and subject matter expertise with a no non-sense approach to workplace wellbeing. The teams and individuals that have engaged with him highlight that his approach is not a cookie-cutter recipe but bespoke, realistic and practical.

César has become the most requested workplace wellbeing consultant and executive coach in the company.

René GallardoManaging Director, Motorola

César has single-handedly created behavioural change in my organisation, which has led to improvement in the quality of work and performance of members of my team. Work-life balance has improved, employee morale is higher than ever, absenteeism and presenteeism have decreased, and the positive business results we are experiencing since we have been engaging with César are clearly the ultimate proof.

How to Get Started

Improve Wellbeing. Increase Engagement. Drive Performance

Contact Me. Let me know what you are trying to achieve for you or your organisation.

Connect with me. Send me a LinkedIn connection request

César Gamio - CesarGamio.com

Authentic and trustworthy leaders don’t go around saying “People are our most important asset”. They take concrete actions to create a culture of wellbeing in their business. – César Gamio

Experience. Results. Commitment. Passion.

With my Fortune 100 global experience in business and my extensive training in human performance and workplace wellbeing, I’ve helped people achieve their ideal performance states for clients such as Accenture, L’Oréal, Nestle, Xerox, Aer Lingus, Louis Vuitton, Natura, SONOS, Adobe, HSBC, P&G, SAP, Bank of America, Monster Energy, and The Body Shop.

I work with leadership to help them drive business performance by creating a unique and memorable workplace wellbeing culture in their business.

I coach leaders to help them develop healthy and sustainable habits enabling them to achieve professional success without the need of burning out.


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