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César's Corporate Clients

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Michel Brousset - Testimonials -

Michel Brousset

Country Managing Director L’Oréal UK & Ireland at L'Oréal

César's first engagement with L'Oréal UK & Ireland was via a very inspirational keynote speech to our top 100 managers in the company. It was electrifying and the starting point for us of a new journey towards a healthier, more balanced and more mindful organisation.

The feedback was terrific and we had several requests for him to lead mindfulness workshops at the divisional level as well as becoming the most requested personal coach in our company.

Cesar combines real business experience, with a no non-sense approach to wellbeing, managing stress and mindfulness. The teams and individuals that have engaged with him highlight that his approach is not a cookie-cutter recipe but individualised, realistic and practical.

I would strongly recommend Cesar to individuals or organisations that are looking to start in the journey toward wellbeing.

Michel Brousset - Testimonials - LVMH - Testimonials -

Hugues Pietrini

Executive Vice President International Distribution at Louis Vuitton - Moët Hennessy

The are some encounters in life that can change you deeply. I have had the chance to meet César and engage in a coaching experience with a strong focus on meditation. César has made a huge impact on me both professionally and personally. Everyone should meditate and apply his teachings. Thank you César!

Deirdre O'Kennedy - Testimonials - Aer Lingus - Testimonials -

Deirdre O'Kennedy

Health & Safety Advisor at Aer Lingus

César was invited to deliver sessions to our senior management and other members of our staff on how to increase our capacity for professional wellbeing. Based on evidenced-based research, he made a compelling case for the need to invest in developing the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our employees in order to increase productivity, safety and performance.

The feedback from these sessions clearly shows that César is a passionate and engaging speaker, who has the ability to inspire his audience to take clear and decisive steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling professional life. He has been invited by senior management to return and continue fostering the human skills of our employees to keep making our company a great place to work.

Most Recent Articles

Fed up with the restrictions? Redesign your evening and create lasting memories.

Let’s make the most of the time that has been given to us.

Are you feeling a bit dull, bored and a bit jaded with all the restrictions that have been imposed? Welcome to the club! Most of the people I’m interacting with are more than fed up with how long this situation is taking to be resolved. I don’t blame them for feeling that way quite frankly.

However, the way I see it, we have two options: we can be morose, bad-tempered and disappointed, or we can make the most of the time that has been given to us. 

Once we go back to living a normal life, wouldn’t it be nice to say to yourself: “During the period of restrictions, I learned to play a musical instrument”, or “I read all those books that have been sitting on my shelves for far too long, and developed a new skill on top of that!”

Would it not be nice if you knew you spent this time reconnecting with a childhood pastime, or taking on a new hobby, or found an exercise routine you love? If you learned to meditate or reconnected with people you trust and care about but haven’t seen in years because they live far away?”

In my case, I decided to learn how to play bass. Although I’m no Geddy Lee (Rush) or Paul McCartney, learning to play their songs has been a balm for the soul during this time.

So come on, redesign your days and evenings, and create something in your life that will help you navigate these restrictions. No matter how big or small, make it work, make it last and enjoy your gift for days to come.

Always at the service of your wellbeing,


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What you should know about Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a vital role in bone maintenance and growth, but when it comes to other health conditions, like respiratory tract infections (e.g. COVID), the jury is still out.

Lately I have been hearing a lot of people sharing their tips about how to “boost” your immunity and, frankly, I’m a bit concerned. One frequent claim is that taking high or mega doses of vitamin C and D can help keep infections at bay. Let’s focus on Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine” vitamin because it’s produced by your body after you’ve been in the sun.

1.- Vitamin D is not a silver bullet. The crucial role of Vitamin D in bone maintenance and growth has strong evidence behind it, but when it comes to other health conditions, like respiratory tract infections (such as COVID), the evidence remains patchy. The jury is still out as to whether this vitamin helps prevent or fight these infections.

2.- More does not mean better, in fact, more can be worse. Too much Vitamin D can be toxic and in some cases even predispose you to painful kidney stones. 

3.- Go natural. If you’re not getting a healthy amount of sun exposure, you can get Vitamin D from natural sources rather than supplements. Some foods rich in Vitamin D are salmon, tuna, sardines, milk, eggs and orange juice.

If you are taking vitamin D supplements, you probably don’t need more than 800 IU per day. Unless your doctor recommends it, avoid going beyond the safe upper limit of 4,000 IU.

Let’s stick to the evidence we have without making any rash decisions and put ourselves at unnecessary risk. Always consult a healthcare professional before making choices about supplements. 

Always at the service of your wellbeing.


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How to get your mojo back after being off work

Helpful tips to get back into “work mode” after taking some time off.

Have you noticed how getting back into “work mode” after you’ve taken some time off can be surprisingly challenging? Some people even panic a little believing they have lost their mojo for good.

But don’t you worry, you can quickly regain your levels of productivity and focus if you follow these tips:
Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise. – Rather than absorbing yourself in your inbox as your first order of the day, get a pen and paper and write down the most important things that you need to focus on.  Once you have a clear action plan based on your top priorities, proceed with relentless focus. As Bruce Lee once professed “The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus.”

Check-in with your team. Don’t accept every meeting that you are invited to attend. A better use of your time is to have short and focused meetings with key members of your team to get your relationships back in sync. Your conversations should allow you to confirm your priorities and give you the extra jolt of energy you need to kick-start your return.

Let your intentions rule your day. Ensure that you start your day knowing what you would like to accomplish during that day and that week.  Whenever you feel that something is distracting you, go back to the safe harbour of your intention to remind you to stay on course.

Keep taking breaks. Just because you have only now come back from a decent break does not mean that you should neglect taking time off several times a day to recharge yourself. Remember to take 5 to 10-minute breaks every 90 minutes if you want to be operating at your best.

And in the words of the late Steve Jobs, never forget that what you need is “Focus and simplicity…. Once you get there, you can move mountains.”

Always at the service of your wellbeing.


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2021: It’s a Mindset Game

Our 2021 mindset plays an essential role in our growth, development and success. Have you set yourself up for 2021?

The new year has finally arrived and if we want to make the most of it, we need to ask ourselves a fundamental question: How am I setting myself up for a great 2021?

Our 2021 mindset will play an essential role in our growth, development and success in the coming year. For this, we need to embark on a process of reflection. We need to begin to reconcile the events of 2020 in a positive light. Ask yourself the following questions:

1) What good came out of my 2020 experience?

2) What opportunities has 2020 created for me?3) What learnings can I bring into 2021?

At face value, some of us may have experienced more downside than upside in 2020. However, by taking the time to reframe the downside, we are likely to find valuable lessons or give meaning to what happened in the past year.

The lotus flower starts off as a bud underwater in murky ponds but blooms from these muddy waters perfectly clean and beautiful. The strength of the lotus flower resides in you as well. Tap into this energy and make the most of this brand new year.

Always at the service of your wellbeing,


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