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Inner peace is at your beck and call

Inner peace must be one of the most universally sought after states of being. However, most of us are looking in the wrong place for it.

When I ask people what they want out of this experience we call life, most of the answers include health, happiness and inner peace. Inner peace must be one of the most universally sought after states of being.

However, most of us are looking in the wrong place for it. Lasting inner peace is not something you’ll find once you finish a project, start a relationship, find a job, or solve a problem. The sense of inner peace that we find in things that are external to us is, for the most part, unstable, ephemeral and sporadic.

Lasting, stable and consistent inner peace is found within us. It is our natural state of being. True inner peace is not dependent on circumstances or external situations. This state of being is deeply ingrained in our inner self.

To access this state of calmness and balance, we only need to still our mind. Whether through practising meditation, mindfulness or breath awareness, a calm mind will bring us inner peace in the moment at your beck and call.

Try these practices – they are free and available to you at every waking moment. Don’t look outside for what you already have inside.

As the words of Rumi remind us “I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside.”

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How can you express solidarity?

Increase your sense of belonging and fulfilment through acts of solidarity

As I was driving my daughter to school this morning, she asked me “Dad, what does ‘solidarity’ actually mean”. Given the current context, I wasn’t surprised that this word had been lingering in her mind.

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Why I am thankful that my dishwasher broke

The unexpected joy that derived from a trusted broken appliance

This is a strange thing to admit, but I never thought that a broken dishwasher could give me so much. Allow me to explain.

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The emotion and action that will give you instant fulfilment

How simple acts of gratitude will trigger persistent feelings of pleasure and wellbeing.

Gratitude is not just an emotion or an attitude. Gratitude is an intentional act to recognise the positive aspects of our lives and the things that bring us joy and fulfilment.

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Why are we so attracted to bad news?

The reason why we look for negative views over transformative stories

I’m still dumbfounded by the minuscule focus that has been given to one of the most important topics that should be on everyone’s mind: How to strengthen our immune response. Our attention is unfortunately being bombarded with information that promotes hysteria.

The media is cleverly exploiting our genetically hardwire “negative bias”. For as long as we have existed, our tendency has been to pay more attention to threats (and dwell on these events) and overlook rewards. From an evolutionary perspective, being attuned to danger would make us more likely to survive. This positive-negative asymmetry as it is known, makes us pay more attention to the potentially harmful things that could happen and make them more important than they really are.

An effective way of countering our negative bias is to choose our news sources wisely and to set up a “news update” schedule to avoid overexposing ourselves unnecessarily to the barrage of negativity and dramatic stories that the media consciously serve us.

A study pointed out that “watching just three minutes of negative news in the morning makes viewers 27% more likely to report having a bad day six to eight hours later.” On the other hand, “those who watched transformative stories, reported having a good day 88% of the time”.

So le’s be more responsibly informed and less obsessively informed.

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The Gift of the Quarrantine

Practical ways of deepening the connection with your child during confinement

For many of the road warriors out there like myself who spend a significant amount of time travelling for business, having been confined in my home for weeks has been an unusual experience. But quite early on during the lockdown, the words of the wizard Gandalf the Grey echoed in my mind: “All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you”.

One aspect that I have enjoyed the most during this quarantine is connecting with my children at a much deeper level, albeit not in my terms. Here are a couple of ways to deepen the connection with your kids:

1.- Follow their passion.– Start by asking a simple question: what do you love? My son is 16, and my daughter is 11, and it has been fascinating to witness the dynamic shift in their interests over the course of time. Go out for a walk and talk about their taste in books, magazines, music, television series, etc. – you will be in for a surprise!

2.- Play by their rules.– Set aside time to play with them, but given them carte-blanche to decide the type of game and the rules. Just by mindfully observing them from creation to execution, you will learn a great deal about the gifts that you have been given.

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