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Get the latest science on Performance Through Wellbeing:

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Identify Ways to Improve your Wellbeing

Let’s talk about the pressing issues that you need to resolve and design an action plan to raise the quality of your life to levels were you will enjoy inner peace, vitality and joy. This online session with me includes the following benefits:

  • Identify the aspects of your life that require attention
  • Recommendations to improve your wellbeing immediately
  • Effective techniques to reduce stress and anxiety

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    “César was my training guide in Oxford many years ago. I was immediately struck by his tremendous warmth, energy and generous spirit.

    He is an incredible attentive listener and always provides a safe environment in which to learn and grow. César has a unique gift and the spirit to serve.”

    Dr. Sarah Morris
    Wiltshire, England


    “César is an accomplished teacher and an applied student – like all teachers should be. He is inspiring, gentle and has extensive knowledge on the subjects of Easter traditions and wellbeing.

    It is an absolute pleasure to share the path of self-discovery with him.”

    Karla Rejofo
    San Diego, California

    “I have come to know César as a stable, healthy and successful person; he definitely walks the talk which is something that I value and respect.

    I am thankful for the wonderful and sound advice he has given to my wife and myself. His counselling has had an immediate impact on our lives.”

    Mauricio Sánchez Vélez
    Mexico City, Mexico

    “His lightness of heart, sensitivity and excellent communication skills make César a natural guide, teacher and advisor.

    He is a generous soul always eager to serve and help you understand what you need to know to improve your wellbeing.”

    Anne Adkins
    Ontario, Canada

     César Gamio - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist -
     César Gamio - Executive Life Coach - EMCC-EIA -
     César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -
    César Gamio - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist - CesarGamio.comCésar Gamio - Executive Life Coach - EMCC-EIA -
    César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -