I’d never thought that I would recommend people to pretend, but today I’ll glorify the art of pretending.
The commute to work has always served as a good mental transition. During this transition from a place of rest and leisure to a full-on work environment, our mind has had the benefit of a commute to create the psychological shift required to properly focus on work.
If you are occasionally working from home, it is important to know that working in bed and/or working in pyjamas doesn’t really set us up psychologically to be at our best. Our brain has a strong power of association, so mixing signals of indulgence (bed/pyjamas) whilst working, creates a sluggish, indecisive, and somewhat careless state of mind.
If you are working from home, after you wake up, pretend that you are going to work. Carry out your morning routine (meditation, exercise, breakfast, shower, etc.) get dressed as if you are going to work and then start your workday. Although your transition from bed to desk will be shorter, pretending that you will leave your home most likely will get you in the right state of mind to achieve your ideal performance state.