The 5 Keys to Achieving Total Wellbeing – Make the GIFT

Why you should gift this course to someone that needs it

It is a scientific fact that making someone else happy is the #1 activity that makes a human being happy. When we buy material objects, the pleasure usually fades away in a matter of days, but the gratification that we take in making others happier stays with us for months and even years.

You might have noticed when taking this course that perhaps someone needs to listen to what you have just learned. Perhaps you know someone that dislikes his job and wants to do something about it or someone that could make healthier choices when it comes to the type of friends she chooses or the food he eats. Or maybe you know of someone that could use some advise in terms of how to attain financial wellbeing.

Right now you have the power to help someone you know, to show him or her that you care.

By gifting this course, you will help the person you choose to take the necessary steps to help her in her road to achieving her most treasured goals and cherished aspirations. Just imagine the satisfaction and the pride you will derive from knowing that you actually helped someone to make significant changes in his life.


How can I gift this course?

It is very simple. Under the video on this page, you will find a button that reads “I Want to Gift this Course Now”. Just click on it and you will be redirected to the order summary page. During the checkout process, you will be able to enter the gift recipient’s email address and a personalised message.

Once you complete the checkout process, the gift recipient will get an email from me saying that YOU have gifted this course to him or her. In the body of the email, there will be a link to the course and an eGift Card (discount code) that the gift recipient will use to obtain the course absolutely free, thanks to you.

What should you expect after gifting the course?

I am not going to tell you….you should experience for yourself the transcendental experience of being offered deep and sincere gratitude for such a gesture.

So go ahead, make yourself happy by making someone else happy by gifting this course now. You are just few clicks away from becoming that special one.

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