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Course Description: 5 Keys to Achieving Total Wellbeing

Author: César Gamio (Click here to meet César)

Active Students: 31,895 in 18 countries (October 2014)


Last Course Update: March 10th, 2015

Next Course Update: April 30th, 2015

Duration (hh:mm:ss): 04:02:17

Downloadable material: Yes

What will you learn from this course:

  • You will learn how to love what you do for a living
  • You will discover fascinating ideas that will change the way you diet
  • You will understand how to eliminate your financial worries and manage your economic life wisely
  • You will discover how to achieve the feeling of greatness
  • You will learn smart ways of developing your social network and make friends that will inspire you and fulfil you
  • You will discover ways to be a healthier person
Carole McMurray - Testimonials - “César is a gifted and gentle teacher whose work and caring manner has enriched my life greatly. Without ego or pretence, and with ease and grace, he taught me how to truly transform my life. This course has embarked me on a life-changing journey.”

Carole McMurray – Edinburgh, Scotland

Mary Callaghan - Testimonials - “César is a wonderfully kind person with the ability to touch the hearts of those he teaches in an authentic way! He has helped me particularly in my initial stages of learning in ways that still resonate with me every day. Thank you César!!”

Mary Callaghan – Dublin, Ireland

Mauricio Sanchez - Testimonials - “I have come to know César as a stable, healthy and successful person; he definitely walks the talk which is something that I value and respect.I am thankful for the wonderful and sound advice he has given to my wife and myself. His courses have had an immediate impact on our lives.”

Mauricio Sanchez – Mexico City, Mexico

Chelsea Amor Lotz - Testimonials - “César’s passion for higher consciousness and wellbeing is not only obvious, it reflects in his instruction. I would highly recommend César’s courses to anyone, that they may receive the full benefit that his instruction has to offer.”

Chelsea Lotz – Cape Town, South Africa

Noriko Tsutagawa - Testimonials - “After taking Cesar’s course I felt relief after struggling with intense situations. His way of teaching is very easy to understand and he can bring good energy to his instruction. If you are looking for good wellbeing teacher, César is the one.”

Noriko Tsutagawa – Nigata, Japan

Aldo Arciniega - Testimonials - “I enjoy César’s courses because he is able to translate the latest scientific research into practical instructions that I am able to understand and apply effortlessly. My overall wellbeing has definitely improved thanks to his advise. I will be forever thankful for the personal transformation that I have experienced”

Aldo Arciniega – Lima, Perú

Julia Anastasiou - Testimonials - “César is a wonderfully compassionate teacher; he is patient and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of wellbeing. He is a shining example – it is quite apparent that he ‘walks the walk’. I can whole heartedly recommend César’s courses.”

Julia Anastasiou – Wigan, England

Susan Solvang - Testimonials - “César is a wonderfully kind person with the ability to touch the hearts of those he teaches in an authentic way! He has helped me particularly in my initial stages of learning to change certain aspects of my life which still resonates with me today – Thank you César!”

Susan Solvang – Milwaukee, USA

Juan Camilo Lema - Testimonials - “My partner and I have undoubtedly grown closer and we can say with absolute certainty that César’s courses have contributed significantly to this transformation. I feel gratitude for the knowledge I have received from César, which has helped me improve in many aspects of my life.”

Juan Camilo Lema – Medellín, Colombia

Anne Adkins - Testimonials - “His lightness of heart, sensitivity and excellent communication skills make César a natural guide, teacher and advisor. He is a generous soul always eager to serve and help you understand what you need to know to improve your wellbeing.”

Anne Adkins – Ontario, Canada



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