Do you find yourself regularly eating at your desk? If you are part of the 67% of office workers that do so, then you need to be aware of the consequences of this unhealthy habit.

Some people see food, as just a functional aspect of their lives. Mindless eating extends beyond the office desk, I see it all the time….people in the morning gulping down a piece of dry toast or pastry and a cup of coffee on the way to work, or eating a quick bite on the way to a meeting. It appears that for quite a few us, eating just gets “on the way” of seemingly more important things.

Although eating is necessary for the correct functioning of our body, food plays a significant role in our physical and professional wellbeing and how we perform throughout the day, way beyond the concept of weight.

Eating at your desk will most likely lead you to overeating since your brain is unable to properly process the amount of food you are consuming.  Also, according to some studies, most people make poor food choices when eating at their desk since they are more prone to consume fattening foods throughout the day. The heavier you are, the duller you will feel, and this dullness will be reflected in your interactions with people and the work that you do.

Furthermore, research conducted at Stanford University indicates that when you eat at your desk, you miss the opportunity of giving your brain the chance to briefly disconnect from work.  Detaching yourself from whatever you are trying to create, resolve or get done is an intrinsic part of the creative process. Taking a walk to get some lunch or dinner will trigger your creative juices, so leaving your desk will actuality contribute to the quality of your work.

No evidence has contradicted a simple guideline: If you want to feel sharp, alert, vibrant, light and energised at work, when the time comes to have a meal, leave your desk and walk to a place where you can eat fresh, whole foods, that tend strongly toward a vegetarian diet, whilst eliminating excessive intake of, fat, red meat, salt, and sugar.

The food we eat, and how we eat it, has a profound effect on our health, on our daily experiences, our productivity, creativity and how long we will live. Eating healthy foods away from your desk can help you be more productive, creative, will make you feel better throughout the day and will do wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing as well as your performance at work.

César Gamio
Master Educator, Chopra Center University
Senior Advisor to the Global Center for Conscious Leadership