We are all born to fulfil a purpose, have you found yours?

I’m 100% subscribed to the principle that we are all born to fulfil a purpose. Even if we think that we don’t have a purpose, our purpose in this instance is to find our purpose and then act upon it in order to serve others.  

Some people believe that they have the wrong job when in fact they might just be in the wrong role. Sometimes all it takes is putting yourself forward for a project that takes advantage of your natural strengths.  

When you get to use your strengths (talents+skills+knowledge) at work or almost anything you do, you soon begin to realise that you lose track of time. This is a great indicator that you are doing purposeful work.  

So, what strengths do you believe you have? How can you apply them in your present role?  

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please write them in the comments section below.