We have more control over our workload than we think we do.

A while back I came to a simple yet powerful realisation: the more I hurried, the less I got done. And to top it all off, the end result was not what I had envisioned in the first place.

I decided that it was time to focus on what was really important and to allocate the time it required to do it well. I had to make many “sacrifices”, like saying no to projects, ideas, proposals and requests for my time in many different ways.

Although I still need to keep myself in check to make sure I make conscientious decisions as to what is truly important and worthwhile, and what is not, I find fulfilment in achieving the few things I do.

When I look around in nature, it’s just amazing how mother nature gets everything done with no sense of hurry. Birds flitting back and forth between branches, flowers blooming, wind rustling through leaves; everything gets done in the absence of the frenetic pace we’ve come to deem as normal.

If you are rushing through things, I invite you to take stock and reflect on why you are rushing in the first place. Too many things on your plate? Are you saying “yes” to often? Take some inspiration from nature and witness how it doesn’t hurry, yet it completes the beauty of its creation on time.