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Dealing Effectively with Change


Change is inevitable since it has become a part of everyday working life; however, it is necessary for businesses to survive and thrive. Learning to overcome the fears and stress around change is therefore paramount to the success of any organisation seeking to grow and evolve.

For most organisations, however, change has proven to be quite difficult. Human beings are creatures of habit. Routine and predictability give us a sense of control, so when some of us experience significant changes, we are moved out of our comfort zone and suddenly thrown into uncertainty.

The biggest hurdle in successfully implementing massive change is therefore the human element—getting your people inspired, motivated, and prepared to plough through the change. By proactively engaging and supporting people in times of change, we demonstrate in action that we value them. Ignoring the people side of change creates risk. Providing employees with the tools necessary to positively shift their attitudes and perceptions to change is a must.

Unless organisations proactively support and guide people through the change, people are left embracing change to chance. Proper training in change management removes the chance from change by providing employees with the preparation, support and skills they need to succeed in change


This programme will help participants to:

  • Discover strategies to remove the discomfort of change, communicate change to different groups
  • Reinforce effective change management skills
  • Leverage performance management through changing times
  • Sustain planned change
  • Understand how to deal with change saturation
  • Know how to reinforce and reward change
  • Learn how to deal with resistance
Dealing Effectively with Change - Corporate Programmes -

Facilitated by:

César Gamio

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist -

César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -

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Course Format

  • Keynote
  • 1/2 day group workshop
  • Personalised group workshop
  • 1:1 Coaching

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     César Gamio - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist -
     César Gamio - Executive Life Coach - EMCC-EIA -
     César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -
    César Gamio - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist - CesarGamio.comCésar Gamio - Executive Life Coach - EMCC-EIA -
    César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -