A community is a union of networks of bodies, minds, and souls. Members of any community share core beliefs, a common vocabulary, and rules of engagement in support of collective intentions. Core to our Chopra Center community is the intention to expand awareness, for through awareness we can see beyond the limitations that activate fear and awaken the deep unity that generates love.

We have the ability to create communities in consciousness that fulfil our need to connect internally in awareness and externally in the world. Through our communal bonds, we fulfil our need to expand as our hearts and minds flow and merge with others of our tribe. Sharing nourishing energy and information, our sense of self expands and our lives flow in the fullness of love.

Love transforms the anguish of separation into the joy of unity. In the process of the One becoming the many, we as sentient beings differentiate, expressing and celebrating our unique identities. Yet, underlying each of our individualities is a longing for connection. This intention for unification permeates the universe and can be seen in the “desire” for subatomic particles to congregate as atoms, atoms as molecules, cells as bodies and individuals as communities. This deep need in us to connect is woven into the fabric of life.

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing