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As a Master Educator for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, I have been coaching people to increase their capacity for career, physical, financial and social wellbeing for over a decade. My creative, flexible and structured approach is fun, practical and delivers results in a short time.

The Coaching Process

I help my clients to identify and achieve their personal goals. I conduct a thorough assessment of their present wellbeing state in all the key aspects of their lives, compare the results to the latest benchmarks and then help them to develop a concise and achievable plan to bridge the gap. The main areas of focus during the coaching process are Career, Physical, Financial, Social and Community wellbeing.

My Clients

I work with men and women from very distinctive cultural backgrounds who want to make the most out of their lives. Having been in the lower end of the wellbeing spectrum myself, I can easily identify with the challenges my client’s face. My international background gives me an immediate connection with people from diverse nationalities and their cultural issues and has also allowed me to empathise with some of the tough situations they have faced.

I have had the pleasure to work with people across many industries, including IT, financial, media, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and consumer products to name a few. I also currently serve as personal wellbeing consultant to government, sports, arts and entertainment personalities.

Given my vast coaching and assessment experience on personal and team wellbeing, all of my clients have experienced profound transformation.

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