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Building Resilience in High-Performing Teams

The purpose of this course:

High-performing teams require high-performing individuals with more than just business and technical knowledge. To meet ambitious targets, professionals need to have developed the capacity to deal with the pressure, anxiety and stress that often comes with the job at hand. In order to succeed, professionals need to be resilient.

A resilient person is someone who is able to cope with uncertainty, hardship and adversity in the moment and effectively bounce back from setbacks. The Harvard Business Review recently stated that “More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails.”

In order to reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, burnout and employee turnover, successful organisations recognise that resilience is a skill that needs to be learned and mastered. Even under demanding conditions, most high-performing individuals are able to sustain superior levels of performance and high levels of personal wellbeing, thanks to the skills they have acquired through resilience training.

What you will gain:

  • Strategies to strengthen your own resilience and prevent burnout
  • Knowledge on how to deal with stressors in order to meet your targets
  • Skills to effectively deal with pressure in order to get results
  • Understanding of healthy daily routines to keep performance high

We will focus on developing the following specific skills:

• Resilience • Energy
• Working Under Pressure • Endurance
• Adaptability • Emotional Intelligence
• Problem-Solving • Flexibility

What participants will take away

This course integrates the latest scientific findings on how to effectively build resilience so that professionals are able to keep up with the unrelenting pace of business, reach their goals and stay healthy in the process. This training will help prevent workers from buckling under pressure and bounce back from challenging circumstances without the stress and anxiety that could hamper their progress and deteriorate their health.

Facilitated by:

César Gamio

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist -

César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -

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Course Format

  • Keynote
  • 1/2 day group workshop
  • Personalised group workshop
  • 1:1 Coaching

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     César Gamio - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist -
     César Gamio - Executive Life Coach - EMCC-EIA -
     César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -
    César Gamio - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist - CesarGamio.comCésar Gamio - Executive Life Coach - EMCC-EIA -
    César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -