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Boost Your Productivity by Working Mindfully

The purpose of this course:

Nowadays, hyper-connectivity and our fast-paced lives have reduced the quality of our attention and fractured our minds. We are overscheduled and constantly distracted, leaving no room for us to find more intelligent ways to deal with the challenges presented to us. Quality time for basic leadership behaviours such as reflection and acknowledgement succumb to the impulse of jumping to the next thing. Fortune 500 company executives, leading government authorities and academics have now recognised that mindfulness, the art of being fully present, is the key to overcoming the complexity and relentless pace of our world which can take a toll on our mind and physical health.

Mindful leaders are extremely focused, have clarity of mind and are naturally inclined to be of service to others. They have the ability to achieve their goals with effortless ease without feeling overburdened. Mindful leaders are able to improve the way they work and lead by breaking away from habitual patterns of behaviour that are no longer useful. They feel connected to their values and those of their organisation. Others around a mindful leader see and feel that presence.

This course will help learners to:

  • Obtain a full understanding of Mindful Leadership and its business benefits
  • Learn how to be mindful when planning, meeting and making calls and avoid distractions
  • Know how to work with difficult colleagues in a mindful way
  • Discover how to channel your emotions to make better decisions and be more productive
  • Understand how to develop leadership presence
  • Learn practical tools to significantly expand your capacity to focus

What you will take away:

Our ‘Boost Your Productivity by Working Mindfully’ course will give you the tools to help you in your transformation to become a mindful leader. You will learn how to deal effectively with the day-to-day activities of business and you will understand how to lead with excellence by being fully present in what you do. You will also learn how to connect with others at a level that will create value for you and those with whom you interact. By following the practices and recommendations in this course, you will develop a powerful leadership presence that will enable you to evolve, grow and advance in your career.

Facilitated by:

César Gamio

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist -

César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -

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Course Format

  • Keynote
  • 1/2 day group workshop
  • Personalised group workshop
  • 1:1 Coaching

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     César Gamio - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist -
     César Gamio - Executive Life Coach - EMCC-EIA -
     César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -
    César Gamio - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist - CesarGamio.comCésar Gamio - Executive Life Coach - EMCC-EIA -
    César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -