Workplace Wellbeing Matters

With my Fortune 100 global experience in business and my extensive training in human performance and workplace wellbeing, I’ve helped people achieve their ideal performance states for clients such as Accenture, L’Oréal, Nestle, Xerox, Aer Lingus, Louis Vuitton, Natura, SONOS, Adobe, HSBC, P&G, SAP, Bank of America, Monster Energy, and The Body Shop.

I work with leadership to help them drive business performance by creating a unique and memorable workplace wellbeing culture in their business.

I coach leaders to help them develop healthy and sustainable habits enabling them to achieve professional success without the need of burning out.

César Gamio -

It has been fascinating for me to witness first-hand what the scientific literature has been stating all along: happy, healthy and proud employees drive incremental business results.

The extensive experience I have lived working alongside multi-cultural teams in every region of the world has taught me that cultivating a culture of wellbeing in the business is the key to unlock potential, passion and creativity.

I feel extremely fortunate to help leaders create such cultures of workplace wellbeing.

Improve Wellbeing – Increase Engagement – Drive Performance

Dr. Sarah Morris – Oxford, England

César was my instructor in Oxford many years ago. I was immediately struck by his tremendous warmth, energy and generous spirit. His courses are truly transformative experiences and provided me with much needed wisdom to learn and grow. César has a unique gift and the spirit to serve.

Marisa Bourtin – Paris, France

I have taken César’s courses on many occasions, and I am always impressed by his comprehensive knowledge and his deep understanding of personal development, evidenced-based preventive healthcare and overall wellbeing. He is clear, engaging, thoughtful and very much appreciated for his professionalism and warmth.

Peter Platel – Antwerp, Belgium

I had the privilege of being taught, helped and guided by César and his beautiful amazing energy, which made the process a complete blessing. I received a gift that will be with me for the rest of my life. Now 4 years later the impact of his guidance is still growing. I am happier then I have ever been.