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 César Gamio - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist -
 César Gamio - Executive Life Coach - EMCC-EIA -
 César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -



Michel Brousset - Testimonials -

Michel Brousset

Country Managing Director L’Oréal UK & Ireland at L'Oréal

César's first engagement with L'Oréal UK & Ireland was via a very inspirational keynote speech to our top 100 managers in the company. It was electrifying and the starting point for us of a new journey towards a healthier, more balanced and more mindful organisation.

The feedback was terrific and we had several requests for him to lead mindfulness workshops at the divisional level as well as becoming the most requested personal coach in our company.

Cesar combines real business experience, with a no non-sense approach to wellbeing, managing stress and mindfulness. The teams and individuals that have engaged with him highlight that his approach is not a cookie-cutter recipe but individualised, realistic and practical.

I would strongly recommend Cesar to individuals or organisations that are looking to start in the journey toward wellbeing.

Michel Brousset - Testimonials - LVMH - Testimonials -

Hugues Pietrini

Executive Vice President International Distribution at Louis Vuitton - Moët Hennessy

The are some encounters in life that can change you deeply. I have had the chance to meet César and engage in a coaching experience with a strong focus on meditation. César has made a huge impact on me both professionally and personally. Everyone should meditate and apply his teachings. Thank you César!

Deirdre O'Kennedy - Testimonials - Aer Lingus - Testimonials -

Deirdre O'Kennedy

Health & Safety Advisor at Aer Lingus

César was invited to deliver sessions to our senior management and other members of our staff on how to increase our capacity for professional wellbeing. Based on evidenced-based research, he made a compelling case for the need to invest in developing the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our employees in order to increase productivity, safety and performance.

The feedback from these sessions clearly shows that César is a passionate and engaging speaker, who has the ability to inspire his audience to take clear and decisive steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling professional life. He has been invited by senior management to return and continue fostering the human skills of our employees to keep making our company a great place to work.

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Workplace Wellbeing : Getting Results

In meetings that I’ve held with great leaders across a number of different industries, something has become very clear to me. Investing in the wellbeing of their employees is a priority for them. They understand that performance and results can be significantly optimised if their employees are physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

During my conversations with them however, I sensed a certain level of frustration. They revealed to me that they had invested in a number of different workplace wellbeing initiatives (e.g., yoga classes, weekend retreats, healthy snacks, discounted gym memberships, meditation sessions, health fairs, etc.) but employee participation was not what they had hope for.

Let’s be realistic here, don’t expect your employees to change their lifestyle just because you give them a physical activity tracker and discount vouchers for a health food store. If you really want to influence your team to adopt healthier lifestyles and work styles, then you need a solid, sound and formal wellbeing strategy in place.

Most of the wellbeing interventions that I see being implemented nowadays in organisations are disjointed. Isolated efforts to “at least do something” in the workplace wellbeing area. For the most part, these programmes lack the strategic structure that will maximise uptake and deliver tangible results. And some of the companies that do have a baseline strategy to enhance employee wellbeing, fail to give this strategy the importance they give to other major strategic initiatives in the company.


1.- Strategy is King – Develop an employee wellbeing strategic framework to maximise the return on investment. Start by understanding the strategic imperative that is driving the need for an employee wellbeing strategy in your company, conduct internal assessments, identify the leadership team that will be responsible for the programme, define your priorities, design the interventions, structure the offerings, communicate them wisely and monitor the results.

2.- Get Expert Help – Although the Human Resources department is an appropriate place to host a workplace wellbeing programme, most HR professionals are increasingly overloaded with other HR responsibilities and lack the in-depth expertise when it comes to designing, implementing and managing a comprehensive workplace wellbeing programme.

3.- Get Started Now – If you are leading a team of people and are still waiting for a company-wide workplace wellbeing strategy to be implemented, your patience will be tested. Start your own workplace wellbeing programme within your team and get some results now. Most likely you will be setting an example for the rest of the organisation and your interventions might be adopted as best practices

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César Gamio - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist - César Gamio - Executive Life Coach - EMCC-EIA -
César Gamio - Chopra Center Certified Instructor -